We are now part of the Global Premedia Network


We are very proud to announce that we are now members of the Global Premedia Network (GPN) – a global initiative that connects some independent, technically advanced, and experienced companies with the commitment to ensuring that our clients in common have access to the most efficient, economical, and comprehensive solutions regardless of where in the world they are producing their packages.

This group gathers leaders within their geographical operation so to provide high-quality pre-media services worldwide. Besides, this alliance enables the sharing of technology, flows, and knowledge to improve the partners’ processes.

Kai Lankinen, chairman of Marvaco, spoke about the importance of this alliance: “After all, who could deliver so much passion and professionalism to service the challenges of international brands if not a network of local pre-media providers, globally coordinated and technically aligned.”

We are the only South American clicheria makers to be part of this select group of companies. Other members of this initiative are:

  • CSW: works with printers and brand owners to produce more efficient and impactful packagings. Family-owned and founded in 1937, they provide pre-media services such as the production of artwork, mockups, 3D rendering, Expanded Gama, and HD flexo plates from its units within North America.
  • Marvaco: the leading packaging pre-media company and flexographic plate provider in the Nordic Region. It is the leader in Expanded Gama in Europe, and its services cover the full range needed for artworks for brand owners of any product line and printing method. It operates in Finland, Sweden, and Germany, with eight facilities in total.
  • Polyflex: founded 35 years ago, it is the primary pre-media services provider for the market of flexible and paper packagings, tags, and corrugated cardboard packagings in Africa.

Volnei de Oliveira, the chairman of Clicheria Blumenau, states: “Besides the cutting edge technology, we also have deep knowledge of the South American packaging market, something necessary for the success of international brand owners around here. We can help the brand owners to face the challenges related to brand preservation and consistency, such as reducing the development cycle and the time associated with the launch on the market.”

The objective is clear: To transcend the technical and geographical borders to provide incomparable solutions to brand owners.