Expanded Range

We help you achieve more colors

Consists of expanding the range intelligently and controlled by adding special colors to the traditional CMYK color space.

The result is increased quality and productivity. The quality is due to the greater gamut of colors achieved with 7 colors instead of only 4. The productivity is increased because we will have 7 fixed colors in the printing process that allows us to simulate more than 90% of the special colors used today. In addition, we will have the possibility to run conjugated works reducing the number of setups.


More stable impressions keeping the color tint of your work with 7 colors and not only 4.


Simulating more than 90% of special colors, fixing 7 colors in machine and combining work.


More than 60% increase in color space, more vibrant work and images in much more detail.


Elevate the pattern of your printed packaging to a level you have never seen in the packaging market.


  • Digital proofs: Digital proofs that accurately reproduce overlays with special colors.
  • International certifications: Specialized and certified professionals who offer projects with quality and safety.
  • The best equipment and software: We are in constant movement, always connected to the needs, anticipating market trends and innovative technology.
  • 40 years of experience: Experience, competence and innovation are registered trademarks of our trajectory. Today we are national reference of the segment.
  • We serve the whole national territory: With 11 units in 5 states, we have a secure organization, differentiated and with extreme agility.

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